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Track Live Blockchain Transactions and Stream to Your Chosen Integration in under 10 Seconds!

“ Bstream's data pipelines are the best in the space by far, allowing us to ingest and process the entire chain history in a matter of seconds. “

Jake Lee

Co-Founder, Diffusion

“ Our integration with Bstream's advanced notification system represents a structured an organized approach that helps optimize the flow of real-time information and allows traders to receive dynamic updates on their trading positions“

Ibrahim  Quabboua

Co-founder IVX Finance

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Monitor your favorite traders

Track profitable/Successful traders on-chain moves from swaps, transfers, derivatives and many more.

Maximize your Social-Fi profits

Follow leading figures activity on Social Fi platforms from creating an account to buying and selling keys. all the way into the rabbit hole, literally.

Upfront your peers

Oversee admins and whales activity in NFTs and liquidity provisioning and be the first to know when any large moves are undergoing. Eyes wide open.

Blockchain data is now accessible by ANYONE!

Add a Stream

Select a stream path for blockchain data type, whether it is swaps, transactions, transfers, derivative trading, smart contracts and many more.

Filter on Live Blocks

Add your custom filters on the stream to receive data that matters only to you.

Select Your Destination

Get notified on Telegram, Discord, email or stream to your dApp via Websocket.

No-Code Blockchain Monitoring solution

Copy Traders Swaps and be the first to know what they are buying.

Monitor your ERC-20 investments, Track Whales transfers.

Follow Layer 1 trends, protect your investments and know if trend is dumping or pumping.

Supported Networks & Protocols


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